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I believe one person can change the world. Taking responsibility and setting an example is what it takes, change will follow automatically.

Think about it! The most influential people in history e.g. Newton, Galileo, Ritter, to mention a few, changed the world. There is so much proof that one person can make a difference, so I too want to do my part. This is why I decided to start my company: to set an example, share my knowledge and my journey as I constantly learn more about nature.

Living naturally in the modern world is not easy, it takes effort, but it really pays off. Life gets more meaning, as you respect nature. The way you treat nature reflects the way you treat yourself. It is fascinating as you start noticing these connections and at the same time becoming more aware of one’s actions inside and out.

I am a Finnish Beauty Therapist, with a BBA degree and I specialize in essential oil and aromatherapy. I also study herbal medicine for my own interest. I have been in and out in the cosmetic industry for approx. 20 years and I have always been interested in health, beauty and overall well-being. Now my focus is on holistic well-being, i.e. body-mind-spirit.

I have big plans for this company and how it will serve You with essentialism and a natural way of life. It will unfold piece by piece, once the company gets stability and strength to move on to the next phase.

I will write an online journal on my thoughts about learning and living a natural lifestyle. What is, and what isn’t possible in today’s modern and hectic world. I will write about balance in all aspects, holistic well-being and family life with two (2) kids.

This company is all about my truth, based on my experiences. This way of life is not for everyone, but if this resonates with you, good for you!

Join me on my Journey!

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