Kuura Essentials - Moving to the Countryside by the Sea

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Our family moved to the countryside two weeks ago and it has been interesting and exciting to see the difference already in our lifestyle.

We used to live in the suburban area of Helsinki for many decades with my husband and now with our children. Before, when I was a child and adolescent,  I have lived more or less close to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Back in the 80´s my childhood family and I lived in California for five years and traveled around the world.

So, I have seen a lot!

Even though I am basically a city girl, nature has always been there for me, as long as I can remember. A source of adventure, inspiration, the mysterious unknown and its powerful forces, but also fear. Loads of fear in different forms. I am also very afraid of the dark and what I cannot see or understand. 

As you have have learned from Kuura´s website, living a natural and sustainable lifestyle is very important to me. My dream has always been to live in the countryside, be as self-sufficient as possible, learn about nature and how it works. To see it up close and be a part of it! 

So, here we are, two weeks already to be precise. I have learned a great deal about myself. As I mentioned before, here I am afraid of many things, but still at great peace. Here it is only nature and you (and a few neighbors). The sounds are unfamiliar, the way of life is different and repeatedly the word RESPONSIBILITY pops in my head. I have felt feelings, that I have never felt before, I have touched nature the way I have never before, I have smelled and heard differently, I have had thoughts that I have never thought before and I feel more alive than ever!

The feeling of living here is strange. Here, you become one with nature and life itself, at least that´s what it is like for me. I see the consequences of my actions right away and it makes me more responsible. I see where the food grows, and it makes me more responsible. I see the state of the sea and it makes me more responsible. I see and I hear!  I feel scared and satisfied at the same time. I am alive! 

This is interesting, as I have never felt as I was not alive, but here, oh boy I see the difference. In the city I lived a happy life, did my best to be sustainable, live naturally and make the best choices for me and my family, but only to an extent. I thought I did a lot, only to realize here how little. I could not see nature in its natural state and the direct effect of my actions. Here I do. 

This makes me wonder, does living in the city make you insidiously blind? Is life too easy in the city? Is the modern lifestyle too easy in the first place and we forget where we come from? Do we blind ourselves with activities, so we do not see? Does that effect our happiness and our responsibility for the future of us and our planet? Oh, I don´t know, but this is what I think about right now.

I cannot wait so see the effects of living here on my life, on my children's life, on my work and how I can contribute more to you, to nature and to life itself.

The Journey shall continue!

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