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ARGOS is a Finnish animal rescue association that works to solve animal welfare and rights issues in Greece.

The ARGOS Animal Rescue Greece Association was founded in April 2017. The founding members of ARGOS have a long experience and specialize in animal rescue and protection work in Greece, especially in Crete. ARGOS strives to improve the conditions of animals on a permanent basis and to raise awareness of the presence of stray animals. In all of their activities, they also show respect for nature: They strive to act ecologically and to respect our common planet.

It is estimated that there are approximately 4,000,000 street dogs and cats in Greece. Most animals live in terrible conditions and rarely live a couple of years older. Greece has already earned a bad reputation for animal welfare, and unfortunately, the country's economic crisis has only made things worse. Before 2008, the efforts of organizations and volunteers were already optimistic, but nowadays, good things are basically done by private individuals. Animal protection associations very rarely receive government funding, even if municipalities are supposed to receive the funds, and corruption ensures that these funds find their way into the pockets of government officials. Poisoning continues to be the most popular method of delinquency in the animal population, and animal abuse and torture are daily occurring throughout the country. More on the subject and the association, visit their website argosrescue.fi.

The next ARGOS auction takes place on 7.-17.11.2019 on Facebook. It is called ARGOS Huutis. Be sure to join! You will easily find the right site searching @argosrescue

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Let´s do good things together and make the world a better place!

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