Kuura Essentials - Company

Kuura Essentials is about how Nature intended it to be. The word Nature meaning life itself, in all its aspects.

Everything is really quite simple.  We have combined the knowledge of Aromatherapy with today's scientific research on the subject, to help you find the respect we have for nature and how it has provided us all the answers.

Living a natural and sustainable lifestyle can be very rewarding and enjoyable. The more you respect nature, the more you respect yourself and others around you!

Our focus is on producing ready-to-use organic aromatherapy products for the whole family. Not forgetting cosmeceutical products for beauty and skin care.

Our main goal is to make good quality products that work well and are safe to use with just the essential, natural ingredients!

Kuura Essentials company is based and registered in Finland. 

Maija Vastamäki, The Founder Of Kuura Essentials - Aromatherapy Made EasyMISSION: “Encourage people towards a more Natural lifestyle”

VISION: “To be the leader in Aromatherapy products in Finland” 


With Love, Maija Vastamäki

The Founder of Kuura Essentials