Brand Ambassador Tara Lange

Tara Lange

Author - Entrepreneur - Mother - Nature lover
I was thrilled when Maija from Kuura Essentials approached me and shared the vision of her company. I´m a huge supporter of women entrepreneurs and am always on the lookout for safe, natural, yet sensational products to use with my family. I absolutely love Kuura´s product line! The products look amazing on my shelves, they feel good on the skin and don´t even get me started on the scents! These products will have a positive and uplifting effect on all your senses.

Embracing the natural way of living has been my main focus in the last six years. My daughter’s recovery from her illness has given me firsthand experience about the healing powers of nature. I lecture and write about the natural way of life - healthy food, green juices, safe skin care products and respecting our true nature. It all starts with making better choices, choosing safer products and supporting the new generation of entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to help people and save the planet with their services and products. Kuura Essentials is one of them and using their products is an act of kindness towards yourself and towards nature.
I believe that when you start treating your body right and respecting yourself, you respect everything around you. When you start to trust nature, you start to trust yourself.
I am super proud to be the Brand Ambassador to a company that supports my values 100%. 


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Tara interviewed me on entrepreneurship early 2020 and this was a collaboration project with Hidasta Elämää and Keittiömaailma. Check out the interview below!



Tara Lange photo by Paula Artes.