Package & Recycling

Glass & Bamboo

Glass is one of the most readily recyclable packaging options, even though it too has its downsides:


  • Heavy weight makes it environmentally expensive and has a bigger carbon footprint.
  • A lot of energy is required to recycle


Still we believe glass is the right choice for now. Some parts still need to be plastic, e.g. roller and spray parts.


The cap is bamboo, with a thin plastic lining to prevent leaking and ensure safe usage. This way we hope to lower the plastic content in the product. Bamboo is Eco-friendly if used the natural way, not when turned into fabric and other forms of usage.


Black Container

Essential oils thrive in cool and dark places. The package is black to ensure the dark. The package also prevents the forming of heat and oxidation when properly used and stored. (Please check safety page for more information).


In the Future

The goal is to use biodegradable packaging.