Aromatherapy made easy!

Our focus is on essential oils and how to use them effectively in aromatherapy and skincare. We make ready-to-use aromatherapy products, skincare products and essential oil blends for the whole family. Simple, easy and safe to use. A holistic approach towards well-being, naturally and in respect of nature.

We have combined the knowledge of aromatherapy with today's scientific research on the subject, to help you find the respect we have for nature and how it has provided us with all the answers.

Our mission is to encourage people towards a more natural lifestyle, with the latest information on essential oils, their usage and safety, which guarantees the consumer excellent products!

The products are developed and manufactured in Finland. Every products is developed and handmade by the founder, Maija Vastamäki. All products are ready-to-use, aromatherapy and skincare at its best, easy and hassle free!

Raw materials are carefully selected on ethical and ecological grounds. The products are 100% natural and vegan. Kuura Essentials uses organic ingredients whenever possible, currently products are 70% - 100% organic.

We want to be a trusted database on essential oils and solved the issue with our comprehensive essential oil Botanical Library available on the website. Each raw material we use is listed in the database, which deals with herb properties, origin, compatibility and safety information / warnings and in which products the essential oil is used in.

To ensure safety, the label always states the dilution of the essential oil blend on the package. This ensures the consumer that everything we do is transparent.

Ecology and recyclability are one of the company's top priorities. We always choose the most ecological and environmentally friendly options available for our products. We minimize the use of plastic and all parts of the product and package are recyclable. All our printed sales materials are made from recycled, natural materials. 

The products are suitable for the whole family!

Kuura Essentials company is based and registered in Finland. 

Maija Vastamäki, The Founder Of Kuura Essentials - Aromatherapy Made EasyMISSION: “Encourage people towards a more Natural Lifestyle”

VISION: “To be the leader in Aromatherapy products in Finland” 

The more you respect nature, the more you respect yourself and others around you. Living a natural and sustainable lifestyle can be very rewarding and enjoyable. I strongly recommend you try!


 Maija Vastamäki
The Founder of Kuura Essentials