Environment & Ethics

Environment and ethics lay the base foundation for our company. We use only 100 % pure, natural and organic essential oils and botanicals. The ingredients are bought from trusted retailers, who respect the environment and workers involved.

Kuura Essentials is very strict on environmental issues and ethics.

Natural Origin

All products are of Natural Origin.

Essential Oils Quality

The quality of essential oils used in our products are 100 % pure and natural. We always choose Organic, when possible. At the moment our products are 95% - 100% Organic.

Animal Testing

We, nor our trusted retailers, do not conduct any form of Animal Testing.


Our trusted retailers do not use ingredients that are from Animal origin. Products are Vegan, with all ingredients from Plant and Vegetable origin.


Sustainability is a very important issue. We want to make smart and environmentally friendly choices about essential oils. We do not use ingredients that are from an endangered species or at any point ethically or ecologically misused. 

We respect and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Package and Recycling

We always choose the most ecological and environmentally friendly options available for our products. We minimize the use of plastic and all parts of the product and package are recyclable.

All our printed sales materials are made from recycled, natural materials. 

In the Future

We are hoping to donate some of our revenue to saving the natural environment and the diversity of our planet to ensure a bright future.


All our products undergo mandatory safety assessments (CPSR - Cosmetic Product Safety Report) and are found in the EU Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). 

Good Manufacturing Practice

We follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

All our products are Hand Made in Sipoo, Finland.


Kuura Essentials is proud to support domestic work and all our products hold the Avainlippu certificate