Essential Oil Inhalation and Diffusion


Direct inhalation is the easiest way to use aromatherapy. You can inhale directly:

  • From the bottle
  • Use a personal inhaler
  • Steam inhale
  • Use a nebulizer with breathing mask (mostly in hospitals and clinics)

Inhalation is most used for respiratory issues and carried out for limited periods of time, such as 1–10 minutes, several times a day


Diffusion can be done by using:

  • A diffuser
  • A nebulizer (without breathing mask)
  • A candle burner
  • Different types of aroma jewelry

Diffusion is most used for mood management but can also be used for respiratory issues. In some cases to purify the air. It is best used intermittently 30 – 60 min ON and 30 – 60 min OFF.

Inhalation and diffusion work best in:

  • Upper respiratory issues such as cold, flu, sinusitis
  • Problems with memory, focus, concentration
  • Psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings


Less may be more in inhalation!
This means that even if an essential oil is a proven sedative, inhaling too much can have the opposite effect!


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